The Academic Dilemma

Imagine that you just graduated from High School and plan to attend the local community college this fall.  You go shopping for all the necessary utensils, paper,  and pens.  You are ready to embark on your path to a new degree!

Before school starts you attend the early registration workshop.  You wait in a huge line of eager students trying to figure out there schedule in time for the first day of class.  When its finally your turn, you find out that you need to setup an appointment with the academic adviser to discuss the path you will take.  This academic path™ will include the classes you attend, and the prerequisites you will need to satisfy.

After waiting a few days for your appointment, the time has arrived.  You begin the counseling session with your academic adviser.  She hands you the degree curriculum pamphlet for business administration.  Your adviser then tells you that the classes listed on this paper-back curriculum are the necessary classes you must pass before you can apply for your degree.  She then signs you up for the beginning classes necessary.  Your session lasts for about an hour as you discuss the pamphlet and academic path™ you are planning on taking.

After you leave you seem a little confused about where you are going and how you are getting there even though the pamphlet clearly explained the necessary classes to be taken.  You simply trust that the academic adviser has chosen the correct classes you really need.  After you complete your first term you look for your paper curriculum pamphlet.  You cant seem to find it, so you call the academic counseling department for business.  After about 6 rings, you get put to the voicemail.  Your a little freaked out, because registration is in a few days and you need to make sure you are going to take the correct classes for the next term.  Finally the next day you get a call back, and you are directed to a link on the website that “should” have the correct classes.  That link however had a different curriculum then the one you saw at first.  In fact the schedule on which classes were to be taken when was also different!  Finally you call back (luckily they answer this time) and you explain what happened.  The academic counselor apologies and you get reoriented with new classes the next term that you need to take.

After talking with a few classmates and friends, you come to find out that a few of the other students were taking different classes then they should have that term and didn’t even know it!  A few of the students also took some classes that wont even count towards their degree.  The worst part is that some of the students will need to take summer courses to make up for the missing classes they should have been registered for the first term.  Many students also noted that they felt a little confused now and nearly all the students had to go back to the counselor the second term to figure out what classes they should take.

The Problem

The story described above is my story and the story of many classmates at many colleges and universities.  When I was attending the local college, I actually had to go back every term to sign up for classes.  The reason I did is because I didn’t feel “clear” on what classes I was taking.  I didn’t feel “clear” on where I was going in my path to a degree.

The Solution

The Academic Path™ team has found a solution to this problem and found ways to save your school more time and money.  Academic Path™ gives students a map and GPS to their degree and destination in education.  Academic Path offers a graphical interface where students can plot their academic path.  Academic Path™ serves a similar purpose as your academic adviser but you won’t ever be unsure of where you are in your academic path, you will be 100% sure and informed by simply logging into your Academic Path™ account and viewing your class map and degree.  All in one page you will see the beginning to the end of your degree and the classes in between that are necessary to be taken.

How it works

Academic Path™ is also very useful for the academic adviser in schools, colleges, and universities.  Your academic adviser simply creates a degree in our system and adds the necessary classes and requirements.  Academic Path, then creates a map of each entered degree using the data collected by the academic adviser.  At any time the student can log into Academic Path™ to view their progress and all classes necessary to achieve the desired degree.  Students wont have to set appointments every term with advisers to figure out where they are or what classes they should take because all the information is only a few clicks away on  Academic Path™ also has many more features that give students a much clearer view of their career destination.  See Features