Future Features

Academic Path™ will help both classmates and academic advisers by giving them an online visual degree mapping system.  Students will be able to see the beginning and the end of their selected degree on one page!  Students will be able to see where they are and how they will get to the finish line; their completed degree!  Bellow are the lists of features that Academic Path will provide to both advisers and students alike.

For Advisers

  • Streamline the advising process by giving students an online location for viewing and editing degrees
  • Streamline each degree syllabus into one online location
  • Create and edit classes
  • Create and edit degree requirements prerequisites
  • Give students the ability to visualize their degree and progress better
  • Spend less time telling students the same thing every time they come in for advise
  • Supplement your academic advising with a standardized and streamline hub for signing up for classes
  • Be able to edit and approve transfer student’s classes into the existing system with ease.
  • Give advisers a visual tool to use when communicating with students about achieving a certain degree.
  • Help students change their degree easily by automating the useable classes/credits previously acquired.
  • Cut down on the amount of time in explaining and re-explaining degrees and classes to students
  • Much more.  Please contact us for more information.

For Students

  • Give students a way to see their degree and progress much like a GPS can give your location and direct your car to the destination you want to go!
  • Allow students to view the classes available.
  • Allow students to easily signup for classes.
  • Allow students to view automatically retrieved data on each class and professor via: RateMyProfessor.org
  • Integrate with Facebook.com and login and network on the site with classmates.  See what Facebook friends are taking what classes.
  • Give students the ability to dual major and triple major easier by automatically calculating the degrees and previously acquired credits with our algorithm and displaying them in a easy to read and understand format.
  • Help students feel more secure in their degree and academic path by giving a visual representation of their location on the academic map located on AcademicPath.com
  • Much more.  Please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in finding out more on the Academic Path™ project, please contact us.  If you are a school looking for new ways to improve your student’s academic experience please contact us.  We provide services for Universities, colleges, and also have services for high schools and specialized training institutes.